Fri 13 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 30-10-2020AD


Once upon a time, a sparrow stopped talking to Allah.The days were passing by and the sparrow wasn’t saying anything to it’s Rabb. The sparrow was not speaking with his Rabb and was sad very deeply. The Angels were asking about the sparrow to Allah and Allah was always answering to the angels and saying ‘’It will come!’’‘’Because I am the only one who can hear it and understand the pain in it’s little heart feels.’’After some time, the sparrow flew and landed on a branch and with tears in its eyes.
It wasn’t saying anything, it was just quietly waiting. Allah said to the sparrow:-Tell me! What is the problem that upsets you and drowns your heart with sadness?The Angels were looking at the sparrow, wondering what it will reply. The sad sparrow remonstrantly said:-I had a small nest, which I took shelter when I was tired or cold. I wasn’t bothering anyone and it was a small place in the big world, it wasn’t affecting anyone.
You saw it too much for me, what was that timeless storm? It ruined my nest and now I have no where to go.
The sparrow couldn’t find the power to continue his speech.The silence was echoing in Ars-i Rahman and the angels werewaiting for Allah’s answer.
Allah said:-O, sparrow! Aren’t you my servant?
-Of course I am Your servant, my Allah!
-Then why don’t you consent to my actions and why do you question something that you no knowledge of?
The sparrow lowered his head. Almighty Allah said:-Didn’t I tell you? Something that you think to be good may end up being bad.
The sparrow was lowering his head in guilt.Then it answered:-You told us, my Allah.-Then why are you questioning something of which you don’t comprehend the hikmah for?The sparrow couldn’t say a thing.There was a hikmah of his nest having been ruined but what was it?Almighty Allah explained the hikmah which the angels and the sparrow were curious about:
-A snake was approaching your nest when you were resting in there. I ordered the storm to ruin your nest to protect you from the snake. Thus, you left there and got rid of the snake.There were such problems I kept away from you with my words.
But you can’t see my words and be an enemy to me, because of temporary problems.

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