Sun 29 Shaban 1442AH 11-4-2021AD


US, Turkey, European Union, Russia and China are on the stage …

Although the operation of the Turkish State in Syria is mainly focused on YPG-PKK-DAESH, the European Union which could not renew itself and hasn’t accepted Ankara since 1960 will also suffer and be wiped out…


It was an area which Europe has invested.

For many years.

We cannot say like “They did not get results with PKK” They worked hard.

They hurt. We were together in NATO, but who hurt us were the so-called FRIENDLY countries in the same organization…

Turkey has not passed the border for the first time. Several times the Turkish military entered Iraq and Syria. It completed the mission and came back. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell for days!

The ongoing operation that 30 brigades participated in is a major operation, but also menace.

For  who? Europe.

Turkey will check that area completely after that time. We will see the model soon! Either by sending soldiers or dominating by sending Syrians there.

This is the TURKISH KNOT has lost the sleep of all European capitals.

They are coming with money, arms embargo, threats.

But they are unlikely to get results … The smallest member LUXEMBOURG said the biggest thing:

“Let’s talk the facts. Let’s not fool people. We have no power to stop Turkey in the region.”

At the same time, Xi Jinping also objected. Without naming, he said to the United States “We chew the flesh of those who want to divide us, we’ll grind their bones.” Everyone saw the entry of Turkey to Syria was unlike earlier. Turkey shouldered the new world order, soldiers were helping this. The first loser will be EUROPE. We’ll see what England does.

But Europe will be the main loser. Certainly!

TURKEY-RUSSIA- US alliance would also limit China.

NATO would never be the same. It would either break up or transform!

This also would lead to Turkey’s operation.

After the Jeffrey Epstein incident, the United States suddenly took major steps. It’s like there’s a handshake between them in the background. But looking at the tweets, don’t expect like “The United States will impose sanctions on Turkey”

Those who do this will be mistaken.

If they had a plan such as SANCTION, Wilbur Ross who has Rothschilds’s confidence wouldn’t come to and stay in Turkey for 5 days. The visit of ROSS, which designed and implemented the steps against China, was not much talked about, but it had a great importance… The sanction mind would not knock the door of ANKARA with 100 billion DOLLAR. Even the intelligence would not be given for the operation.

Trump distracts everyone.

He was confusing. When the land was examined, the US soldier handed over the region to us and made the structures he established ineffective.

At this stage, the European Intelligence Organizations stepped in.

It would be HARD.

Their aim was to disrupt the alliance of US-TURKEY-RUSSIA.  They wanted to take the steps that would make Trump and Ankara be in a difficult situation.

In the final analysis, Europe would get worse.

They wouldn’t want to admit it, they would come. Even if they had nothing to take, they would come… Intelligence wars would start…

The winner would be TURKEY…

Because they did not have the power to stop…

 NOTE: In 2017, BBC that is now strongly opposed to Turkey’s operation, announced to the world that the DAESH had been removed from RAQQA with the cooperation of US-YPG.

The button was pressed to change the region on that day.

The fight was announced on that day.

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