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We are going through such a hard times that many people have difficulty understanding what is going on.

We will evaluate the most talked about issues, which are on the agenda now, from a completely different perspective 10-15 years later.

This is how it is and it is normal.

Look, there was so many men used by FOREIGN SERVICES in this country!

Still exists. Oddly enough, most of them are not aware.

Powers such as the United States, England, Germany, Russia, and China come in their own way.

They find their way to their goal!

This is what is right for them.

Controlling and managing the target country, getting the result they want but never being seen.

Anyway, intelligence is the ability to get results in the country on the radar.

With its success, the Russian intelligence service progressed to the US PRESIDENT TRUMP in one way or another.

Managed to control him multiple times.

The Germans had revolutionized Russia by sending LENIN.

They conquered the empire by giving Katerina as BRIDE TO THE RUSSIAN PALACE.

These were all intelligence operations.

In our country, they got results by opening the roads leading to the coups, pushing the intelligence in the wrong direction, and putting economic operations on the stage.

These are not in books, movies, televisions, but after the 1971 coup, the country WAS DIVIDED IN TWO as 9 MARCHISTS and 12 MARCHISTS!

It was the State behind the divided curtain.

PRESIDENCY-PRIME MINISTRY-MIT-GENERAL STAFF were shared by two forces behind the coup.

Two of them fell to the USA and two to England.

While the army was marching with the US because it was a member of NATO, the conflict was always happening for the other THREE AUTHORITIES.




Did we have a crisis because of the last “NOT THE WORD BUT ESSENCE” debate?

We did!

Has the e-memorandum arrived? Yes.

Look at earlier times!

There are always CRISIS.

From İnönü.

When Erdogan became a CANDIDATE, was there a “WE WILL NOT MAKE YOU PRESIDENT” campaign?


I don’t want to blame anyone.

But I know this is the struggle between parties!

I do not want to give crucial examples!

However, it is the first time that Erdogan is gathering all institutions UNDER THE ROOF OF THE STATE.

Of course, all institutions contribute to this.

I think this is the most important development with July 15th.

We come from a period when the MIT Undersecretaries did not inform the PRIME MINISTERS about the coup.

We know the Chiefs of General Staff who do not get on the phone when the Prime Ministers call.

We know authorized names who do not inform the units to which financial operations are affiliated

There are many bad examples we don’t want to remember.

I think the AK Party, which said “WE DO NOT WANT A COALITION”, was saying this.

They were talking about The Union in the State.

Nobody wanted to understand, but they wanted to end the Two-Side that ordinary people like us cannot see.

It was obviously a STATE decision!

Although the MHP was the target here, it was doing its part.

There was no glitch, lack, error? Of course there was.

It was also natural that it was.

Such changes would not be as painless as the books write.

If “We take a step back up to a point with the S-400s but stop your support for YPG” can be said to USA it is because the unity in ANKARA.

The moment the government becomes contrary with MIT or the ARMY, they would push the OUTSIDE button.

GES, the General Staff Electronic Systems Command, was transferred to the MIT together with its entire team and equipment.

The number of martyrs reached a record level within 8 months after this handover.

We had nearly 80 martyrs.


Yet the struggle was great.

Forces who controlled Turkey didn’t want to leave.

They were fighting both with us and among themselves.

For some reason, when GES switched to MIT, we faced with RUSSIANS more.

I do not object to the parliamentary system.

However, what will happen when they will arrive again be it the breakdown or sharing of the wheel that makes the state a state.

Instead of objecting to everything, it is necessary to think about “How do we get better” …


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