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USA’s Choice

The fight is huge as the world will be rebuilt.

Artificial intelligence, virtual money as Google-Huawei, 5G Technology and Internet of Things…

In other words, the ability of objects in our daily use to connect to the internet and send and receive data.

Sensors, biochips or access devices will make things smart.

It will open the door to a new world.

However, despite all this, our evaluations belong to the past.

Perhaps, during the hours you read the article, you will find out who the president of the USA is.

I’m not too interested in that. Because I know that a PRESIDENT cannot shape the world…

A new order plan lies behind the emergence of Covid-19, the spread of the epidemic everywhere, countries closing themselves, economies getting into trouble, printing too much money, starting street movements, and increasing tension.

With the Covid epidemic, many people said that the USA will collapse.

It can be. Nobody can live forever. The possibility of partition was also discussed.

It was claimed that the power center would shift to the Far East and the USA would be controlled from the East.

The failure of a power like the USA depends not on the magnitude of its problems but on its inability to produce solutions for them. Yes, problems are big in the USA as everywhere. But is the US really falling apart?

The fact that the USA is one of the richest countries in the world was not only due to its own production.

Many countries such as China, such as Japan, were transferring goods to the United States and receiving creditors in return.

Growing in this balance, Global Capital was also able to generate hundreds of dollars of virtual assets from a dollar of assets.

Is it correct? True!

In addition, this problem did not only belong to the USA.

All the countries it was in contact with were getting their share…

They could not escape.

No Capital, no Building, no Formation-Alliance has seen the problem and tried to find a solution to it.

China or the European Union has become part of the established order.

It was the USA that saw the problem and followed the dark clouds on the horizon.

It also went on the field to write the prescription.

Perhaps this period, which everyone sees as a unique crisis, was an operation performed to cure the disease!

The patient was in the operating room and no one could see what was going on inside.

It was thought that the patient would die as the crisis lasted for a long time!

However, the USA, with its big problems, was looking for a solution.

The topics I highlighted in the introduction of the article may sound strange, but they are discussed in high tones only in the USA.

For example, Internet of Things is not spoken in Italy, France, Cambodia, Paraguay!

Artificial intelligence and 5G.

For example, I am very curious how many statesmen know what 5G will bring. Or how many bosses are there?

After the election held yesterday, we will encounter a USA unlike the previous one.

That’s the importance of an election!

We should focus on what it will bring, not who wins.

A force that wants to keep money, the Internet, the Energy and the Markets is waiting behind the door.

I do not know if they can do it or not.

But that’s their purpose.

If they succeed, the order that carries fuel to the global financial system of the Far East will be disrupted!

If this breaks down, other problems will arise in Asia!

While the world was locked into the Trump-Biden duo, I looked at Pompeo again!

Take a good look at this list!

Coronavirus-related declines in sales and supply chain disruptions have increased production costs.

And big companies started migrating from China.

An astonishing 76% of US companies move their operations to other countries.

For example, NIKE.

It takes its production facilities to Southeast Asia and Africa.

APPLE … does not leave China completely.

However, Taiwanese suppliers such as Foxconn, Delta Electronics and Pegatron are pushing their suppliers to do 30% of iPhone production outside of China.

SAMSUNG … completely stopped their production.

The city where its factories are located has turned into a ghost city. Its new address is VIETNAM ..

LG Electronics also followed after SAMSUNG.

Its new address is South Korea …

ADIDAS … A quarter of GERMAN brands are preparing to leave China.

That is one of those who settled in Vietnam.

PUMA … One of Adidas’ biggest competitors, the company went to Cambodia-Vietnam-Bangladesh.

ZOOM … US teleconference platform Zoom rapidly increased in popularity during the COVID-19 outbreak. It has decided not to serve China.

SHARP … The Japanese government decided to encourage internal companies to switch their production to Japan and Southeast Asia in order to reduce the country’s dependence on China.

HASBRO … The American firm transports a significant portion of its production from China to factories in Vietnam and India.

KIA MOTORS … Samsung and LG, turning their backs on China, were not left alone. South Korean Kia Motors closed one of its major factories in the country.

HYUNDAI … The company, which stepped together with South Korean companies, focused on India.

STANLEY BLACK & DECKER … Craftsman, a manufacturer of industrial tools and home appliances, moves production of its wrenches, sockets and latches to its factory in Texas.

DELL … As relations between the US and China deteriorated and the trade conflict intensified, Dell was one of those who fled.

HP … Dell’s competitor HP has also started to move 30% of laptop production from China.


It is one of those who say goodbye to China slowly. Thailand and Vietnam are the new addresses.

MICROSOFT … It is among those who stepped towards Vietnam. It is being transported secretly.


SPACE NK-QUANTA COMPUTERNAVER are in the process of moving. Even the New York Times is taking their communications office from HONG KONG to Seoul …

While everyone was looking at the Trump-Biden rivalry, POMPEO was taking the stage in VIETNAM and connecting things.

The shores of the SOUTH CHINA SEA were on the way to becoming the US production base.

It’s no longer a secret that the move started.

If this happens, China will fall apart, if not the USA will.

This is the picture…

But for now it seems that the United States is doing what is necessary to correct the disease it diagnosed.

It wants to get rid of its debts and also intends to go down the field to establish and manage the new system.

Let’s see what we will see.

It is useful to keep track of the money!

What I wonder, like everyone else, is: Will the USA be defeated and dispersed in China, which it created and raised just like Japan?

What do you think?

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