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I mentioned that USA’S PENTAGON might fire the place down by using Iran and that it won’t avoid ge

tting in a big war. This is still on the table even if the possibility is terrifying.


We can’t know how far they’ve gone. It was attacked! We didn’t anticipate that, but it happened. 

Drones were used and Houthis who are a side of the war in Yemen came and shot. Then they warned ”Our attacks will continue.”… Thus, oil prices increased up to %20! 

How should we analyse this attack?

Let’s focus on the first option. 

Because this is the most reasonable one. 

Firstly, Houthis are supported by Iran and Shiah. Everyone knows that! But there’s something that is unknown! And that’s a part of Houthis, being under control of Pentagon. 

Most effective organization of Houthis in Yemen, Ensarullah, is supported by Iran.

But it isn’t Ensarullah who planned the attack to the two facilities of ARAMCO!

Is military spokesman of Houthis who claimed the attack, Yahya Seri, a USA enemy? Or is he a part of Washington, a system that was well-planned? 

Many people ask this question at west. 

Let’s see some details, they are important.

ARAMCO’s two facilities were attacked, at Abqaiq and Hujrat Khurais. So it’s a border to Basra Gulf and there’s Iran at front. Based on the claims, Houthis fled 10 Drones for a thousand kilometers and shot the facilities in Abqaiq. USA officially has 5 bases in Saudi Arabia, and 9 in reality. One of the secret bases is at Zahran! The are of Dammam and El Huber. So it’s 45 kilometers away from the attacked facility. Houthis don’t have the technology for flying a drone for 1000 kilometers. Let’s assume they do, no American base and satellite has realized the 10 drones. 

Is it possible for those Drones to be unseen? Of course not. 

Let’s get it more detailed then.

USA started an important plan with that attack. %19,50 increase of oil corners China. Chine will lose %20 of the products it produces. Plus, this attack ended the old ridiculous plan. Pentagon, who understood that attacking a USA ship from Iran would be a short-termed deceiving, will blame Iran over Houthis. USA President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo have already chosen Iran as target. 

Secretary of State Pompeo said ”It’s an unexampled attack on the subject of world’s energy”

Attack’s timing was important.

It’s not a coincidence that it was right before the meeting of Erdoğan-Putin and Ruhani in Turkey.

The problem that China will have with the price of oil was obvious. 

They were injecting a new problem among those three countries!

Prince Selman knew about the attack. 

Some of the images belonging to the attack are fake.

It wasn’t a big operation enough to stop the production of oil. 

But it had to be showed that way.

Pentagon succeeded that.

No matter what decision is made at the meeting of Erdoğan-Putin and Ruhani, it won’t be recognized by European Union. Because Ruhani, I mean Iran, was shown the target for the attack, which caused oil prices to increase %20. Prices not only damage China, but also Europe.

The movement of the old President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Salih is against Iran. This was a big problem for Houthis either. 

They had many matters that they had agreed on before. Iran is aware of it aswell.

USA dug the hole deeper by UAE and Saudi Arabia, and stayed at it’s safe zone. Although Iran couldn’t understand why it failed on every step, it faced the defeat in an important detail of the big game. 

Although Iran should’ve won against the increase of oil prices, it was hit roughly because of the embargos. 

Russia got the best of it. The increase of oil prices hit China, but empowered Russia. 

As you can see, Russia didn’t ‘really’ react against the increase and attacks. Spokesman of Kremlin Peskov said ”Those attacks will affect the energy market”

You don’t have to be in Kremlin to make this announcement which can be understood even by children. Russia is pleased. Why shouldn’t it be? 

Russia’s market increased in value because of the attacks that were done against ARAMCO.

Many Russian companies growed %10 over night. No matter how many times Washington and Moscow fight, they protect their benefits at the end of the day. Pentagon, which aimed Russia, gifted 100 million dollars to Russia in one night by the attacks to the ARAMCO.

They weren’t enemies during Cold War. Is this real? Are they enemies? 

We should think well. 

And we should think about this point: 

USA’s media claimed something before the ARAMCO attack. The source was Pentagon!

They wrote ”AMERICAN SPY IN KREMLIN RETREATED”. I wonder if the perception of USA and RUSSIA being enemies should’ve been dramatized before the Aramco attack. Were there really a spy? I guess not. But two titans should’ve been seen as enemies! 

Washington and Moscow were fighting but they were both winning in the end! It’s weird!

Russia, who planned on increasing the production of oil last month, didn’t move on. They didn’t keep their promises even though the demand was high. 

Because they knew it was just a show, like Selman. Iran is the target. No matter how close Russia and Iran look, Russia is pretty pleased by the embargo that is done to Iran. It’s happy with Turkey and USA facing because of the Syria problem. There are two countries who don’t want the chaos in Syria to come to an end. Russia and United States of America. Thus, everyone should understand that it’s not impossible to end that chaos. It won’t end unless they want it! If they want, spring will come there in a month. But they will never! Let’s exaggarate. 

Because they do in west.

Here is the example. 

USA and Turkey has met nearly 200 times for Syria. Batting zero. Turkey and Russia has met nearly 300 times for Syria. Batting zero again. 

How many times did USA and Russia meet for the solution in Syria? Only three…

That’s why Syria will stay in dark 10 more years…

Houthis’ ARAMCO attack?

Don’t make me laugh! It was a fake operation to increase the chaos. That’s what’s happened!

While the theatre was being played, Turkey must come together and unite. Danger is big. Two of the performers are down the border. They get along even if they fight. With us?Never… 

That’s why we should understand ANKARA and support it. It’s not a political preferrance. It’s obligatory. While outside is too dark, the peace inside is precious. But I can’t say anything to those who see it from the glasses of the party. The reality is, the region is in big danger. And this problem is too close to us!

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