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Washington Post

USA elections are completed. It is still unclear who the President is. Biden ahead… will he get to 270 delegates?

Will Trump overtake Biden with a final attack? These are questions waiting to be answered.

However, very interesting analyzes are published in the most serious newspapers of the USA. It seem inconceivable!

It is hard not to be surprised when you read it, but the columns are full of these. There is talk of President Trump’s plan focused on the HIGH COURT. According to what was written, Trump and his team knew that they would not be able to win the election that came  after CORONAVIRUS. On this basis, an action plan was prepared.

Trump objected when the votes were just beginning to count. “The votes are stolen,” he said. He repeated this several times. It was the first step in the plan. In the second step a large amount of Votes going to Biden would be determined. While there was not a single vote for Trump in the votes cast by mail, Biden was written on 180,000 voting paper! This has also been exceeded. Then the court would come.

The system in which Bush surpassed Al Gore with 530 votes was modeled after. However, what was important here was the step to be taken by names close to Trump, such as Amy Coney Barrett and

Brett Kavanaugh at the high court. These were already ready. However, for this to happen in the USA, the public had to be persuaded.

It was carried to the corners that they would provide with examples. If this happened, the court would keep Trump in the White House. Is it OK? Does it make sense? No. However, we saw such things in 2020 that happened, so there is a possibility that it might happen…

I wanted to share. Let’s dig a little deeper. Deep America’s struggle with China and the power behind it will continue. It’s not hard to predict that Trump will go beyond. Whether Trump is re-elected or Biden is the new President, postal votes will establish the future. The result of the game will be determined by mail.

This is clear.

I wrote yesterday. The market value of US technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple is higher than the market value of European companies. While these technology giants reach a value of 10 trillion dollars, the market value of all European companies is about 9 trillion dollars.

That being the case, was it a reasonable step to vote by mail in the US elections! It wasn’t! Obviously, this was essential for taking new steps for the new fiction to come. This method was found to be healthy for the purges within the USA. The first address to look at to understand the difference between Trump and Biden is CHINA! Although the two ecoles blame each other in the fight against CHINA, the route is the same.

However, since Biden is ahead of the ballot boxes, let’s look through his glasses. To China, to Europe and to us. Looking at Biden’s team, this is the picture, the thought, the road map that emerges. President Trump humiliated all international organizations, from NATO to the United Nations, while fighting China. It broke the bond between us. It left the effort to act together fruitless. Taking advantage of this opportunity, China grew as it grew.

The people who knew that the USA had been fighting in Afghanistan for many years also got tired and did not participate in the fight against China. All of this created a favorable environment for SI CINPING. We will work with key countries to stop China without objecting to the new way the world takes.

Beijing tells us, “You can be rich, but you have no chance to be free.”

We will go beyond this together with the countries we have determined. The first sign of this came before us as the joint intelligence report accusing Wuhan. The USA-UK-New Zealand-Australia-Canada, which blames the Beijing administration for the coronavirus and known as 5 EYES, announced with a joint signature that they agree.

The US would put forward fighting those who approach China rather than fighting China directly. And in this climate they would probably open a special bracket with Germany. I’m not talking about Biden being a Catholic like the murdered US President Kennedy. Kennedy, who took the bold step to change the balance between the USA and the Soviets and started this by saying “I am from Berlin”, was killed.

The one who killed was also killed. The file was closed. Germany’s power over the Catholic world is no less. Maybe there will be those who remember. Democratic president Obama went to Germany for a summit after leaving office in 2016.

Although he was not the President, this was his second meeting with Merkel. Despite her busy schedule, Merkel spared 75 minutes for Obama and greeted him at the door. The German Bild newspaper put the photos of the two and commented, “They look into each other’s eyes in a familiar way, as if the great German-American love continues.”

With Trump, the US-Germany alignment ended. This was not a secret either. Here the interests of Turkey, will be the Biden’ position between England and Germany. The wars and struggles between the two great ecoles of Germany and England are present in every page of history. Biden is not unlikely to stand shoulder to shoulder with Germany and therefore with Europe.

In some matters, of course. Looking inside, we see that political formations close to Germany are in line with the Biden team. Even if they had never seen a Uyghur Turk in their life, Biden and his team were pressing against China over the Uyghur card. Walking over the Uyghur Turk was a good move to camouflage the main center.

It was a lever used to oppose China. This is a line extending from Germany to America. CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, who visited the Deva Party, reacted strongly to Bahçeli, who targeted the  Constitutional Court, and said, “Why don’t you defend the rights of Uyghur Turks instead of dealing with the Constitutional Court.”.

Bahçeli was also pressuring because of the earthquake in Izmir, as he knew Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s axis:

“As long as we cope with the pains together, we will be a stronger nation. It is easy to break all the blame to 2020.” Biden’s transfer to the White House will heat up politics inside.

It will excite the axis from Davutoğlu to Kılıçdaroğlu, from Karamollaoğlu to Demirtaş. It is not difficult to understand this through ecoles around the world. However, ERDOĞAN, who wins every election he enters, will be the first opportunity, first chance, first choice for every sane leader.

Turkey’s where all the breaks in the last 10 years. One way or another, there is a trace of the Biden ecole. More or less! The effects of distant waves on the separation of the two allied countries are great.

If Biden comes “Dark days are coming for Turkey” i hear those who say that. Those who say “ALAS!” are not few …

However, the developments will not be like this.  Biden will represent the United States in the last analysis, and must work with Erdogan and Turkey. He will somehow seek balance.  Biden’s tough stance will leave the USA completely alone in the MIDDLE EAST.

US, that in a fight with China, the latest move US will do is to not respect Turkey’s decision. Even if Biden will be the president, Turket is important and will remain important. We are not the US rival in the world. However, ANKARA’s support is essential to achieve their goals. The win-win formula comes into play.

Otherwise, Biden will be the loser around here…

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