Sun 16 Rajab 1442AH 28-2-2021AD

What is the actual meaning of Hagia Sophia?

Hagia Sophia must be opened…

Hagia Sophia must be opened with Turks’ destiny…

If only we could understand it’s meaning, if only we could fulfill our duties…

Then Hagia Sophia’s doors would be at the end of it’s rope and open itself…

It’s Hagia Sophia, our souls’ and blessings’ room in our own home…

Our superior ruler and brave hero Fatih took the key of power after conquering Istanbul and performing the first prayer in Istanbul’s heart, Hagia Sophia.

Fatih had a perfectly-timed and placed da’wah target and it draws people’s attention in a perfect way. The most beautiful city of the world, Istanbul, which links the East to the West and it’s heart Hagia Sophia symbolizes and values all those things.
It is an old Byzantine piece and an ancient dome, which is the new home of Takbir, and which shows the real architecture of eternity and real civilization to the 20th century world after it sees the way of heaven with crescent’s wingsz opened the way of heaven to. It combines the sense of West and soul of East.

Hagia Sophia is not a stone, not a line, not a color and not a shape and also not a symphony of materials. It’s just a meaning, only a meaning…

Hagia Sophia is a unique memorial which tells about an idea fighting the opposite idea and making it weak.
Many of the churches were turned into mosques and many of the mosques were turned into churches, but this has never happened in the history.

Fatih Sultan Mehmed perceived this hikmah and conquered Hagia Sophia like a diamond shining in an endless dimension like Istanbul.

Hagia Sophia will be opened!

It will open up like a sacred book!


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