Sat 14 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 31-10-2020AD


While Zulkarneyn Aleyhisselam was going with his army on his way at night, he said to his army:
– Collect the things that are under your feet on the way.
When the army heard this order; a group of them:
-We walked too much, we’re tired. We cannot carry something while walking in the middle of the night.Let’s not collect anything, they said and they didn’t collect anything.
The second group;
– But our commander ordered, let’s collect a little, let’s not oppose the order. Because we must obey the commander of the army,they said and they collected a few.
The third group;
– Our commander does not order anything in vain. Surely there is something he knows. He has a wisdom, they said and filled all their pockets.
In the morning when they looked and understood that they had passed from a gold mine, but they couldn’t realize that the things they had collected were golds.Once they understood this:
The first group that never collected;
– Why didn’t we collect? Why didn’t we listen to our commander? We wish we’d collected! We’d buy just one, they said by regretting.
The second group that collected a few;
-Ah, why didn’t we collect a little more? We wish we’d filled our pockets, they said by regretting.
The third group that filled their pockets:
– We wish we’d threw away the things we didn’t need and we had collected more, they said and they regretted although they filled their pockets.
Here, as in this example, in the Hereafter, all mankind will regret like this.
The infidel will say;
– We wish we had believed, if we had believed, at least, we could go to heaven as a result of our faith,we could be saved from eternal hell.
Believers, but with little good deed will say;
-We wish we did a little more good deed, we helped a little more.
Believers, with a lot of good deed will say;
-Oh we wish we performed more prayers, did a little more charity,we had fasted more, we did good deeds more to raise our rank.
May my Rab let us take lessons from these incidents…

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