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Why Aramco?

Oil, Saudi Arabia, Jeffrey Epstein murder, Cemal Kaşıkçı’s disappearance, China, Washington, Aramco, Syria chaos, YPG-PKK, Turkey’s route, Cyprus, East Mediterrenean, these are our topics. And great powers above us. Big fight…

Let’s get more specific. 

We must remind a few details before we get to the reasons of the assault that has been done to ARAMCO’s two facilities on Saturday. It’s not easy to come with Drones and shoot a titan from 1000 kilometers away. It doesn’t make sense. There is a detail that we are missing. If we raise the curtain, we’ll see the picture. 

ARAMCO, which is thought to be a few trillions, is the biggest company of the world.

A public offering was going to be done for ARAMCO. 

It has been put off. I told you the reasons. Because China was going to take a big share of ARAMCO.

USA prevented the public offering and ended China’s big plan. 

Because China being a partner of ARAMCO was going to the start of a period, which Washington could never accept.

ARAMCO, which is a Saudi Arabia company, produces 10 million barrels of oil per day. We can describe this giant company. 

ARAMCO has 1/6 of the world’s oil reserves.

It’s a great weapon. If China takes the control over, no one can stand in front of them. USA knows it very well. That’s why they act aggressively.

After the murder of Cemal Kaşıkçı, Washington Post author, Saudi Arabia’s Prince Selman was cornered by Washington. In such a way that Prince Selman understood that only USA could be free as much as they want while he was being excluded by everyone.

Selman secretly talked to China, as he saw that this situation was increasing concerns. 

Selman, who wanted China to be a partner of ARAMCO, authorized Halid el-Falih who was also the Energy Secretary of Saudi Arabia and CEO of ARAMCO. Halid el-Falih organized an important meeting on 16th September, Monday.

But none of the members of ARAMCO’s board was told of it. At this secret meeting, names just as Lynn Laverty Elsenhans, Peter Cella, Andrew Liveris (people assigned by USA) were unaware of it, and Halid el-Falih was going to see PetroChina and Sinopec officials.

China’s companies, PetroChina and Sinopec was going to tell that they wanted the %20 share of  ARAMCO before the public offering.

This offer was a considerable amount, 500 million dollars. 

Washington learned about that meeting on Friday. On Saturday, two days before the meeting, ARAMCO’s two facilities, Abqaiq and Khurais were bombed. It was a last warning to Prince Selman who was being two-faced. It was a warning to China actually. And that meeting which was supposed to be done on Monday didn’t happen after the attack. 

It’s not surprising that USA didn’t let them.

China was going to make a move which was going to end their energy need, with the ARAMCO partnership. This was too genius. Prince Selman told Washington that China had some offers. But he didn’t mention about the meeting that was going to be done on Monday. If that meeting happened, if Arabian account received the money from PetroChina and Sinopec offered, Prince Selman wasn’t going to attend the US Summit on 23th September, in New York. 

He may still not attend, seeing it as risk… We can’t know. Risks are always present.

Let alone a random power shooting ARAMCO, even thinking of it is not possible. Only people who have the claim of controlling the world can attack a company which affects the destiny of the world!

And it happened that way.

It’s not hard to understand that Washington was behind that attack. Washington aimed Tehran with that attack. So it made a few moves altogether.

USA is now able to hit Tehran and closed the ways of having reactions from Europe.

China was hit for the second time, after Hong Kong, in Arabia, by USA.

Hong Kong was the proof of USA’s determination.

Although extratiding was abolished, protests in Hong Kong hasn’t finished.

We are seeing them getting more violent. School still hasn’t started in Hong Kong.

Despite all of the moves of Peking, we saw Washington was more powerful in Hong Kong. China knows that it won’t be a super power before reaching to the energy. 

How is Peking going to be the capital city of super power, while it can’t even control Hong Kong? 

Washington makes this move to blockade China, while aiming Tehran. All of the Washington plans that was done in Middle East or Mediterrenean are for blocking China.

And it’s not a secret. But China keeps silent with smiling faces.

I don’t know how long they are going to continue this policy, but USA always succeeds to be the first one with it’s aggressive attitude.

After the putoff of public offering of ARAMCO, this decision was off the agenda silently. 

A public offering won’t happen in near future for ARAMCO. But ARAMCO will keep setting the agenda. USA will push, and China will fall. It will keep happening unless Peking makes a move.

There was no other effective incident than attacking ARAMCO’s facilities to make Jeffrey Epstein’s murder, who was very important for USA’s and England’s future, off the agenda.

All of the incidents that are thought to be real are just the scenes of a big fiction. Maybe USA doesn’t want anyone to be big and move by themselves, like Russia, who is behind the curtain.

Is it possible? IT IS! 

The only country which wants to be in contact with everyone but still make it’s own decisions is TURKEY. The only country which tries to prevent imperialist invasion is TURKEY. Take a step back and watch the scene. Everything is obvious. The only country which moves step by step despite the difficulties outside and traps on the way is TURKEY. USA wants to decide who should be given the oil, and how much, between Iran-Iraq-Saudi. This is why Gulf Operations were done. This is why they got in Iraq. This is why Iran is the target. This is why Kaşıkçı and Selman were cornered.

The only country that wants to spoil the game and oppose the constitution at the north of the Syria is TURKEY. This is why Kaşıkçı was chosen as the target. 

Istanbul was especially preferred. 

That’s it…

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