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Why Now?

If you look very carefully, you will see that two schools are fighting all over the world. It is possible to define the two schools as Trumpists and Bidenists. These two schools are not difficult to see in Turkey.

While we were in New York or in Washington for UN meetings, I saw that Trump was located next to Turkey in obvious ways. Trump was promising not to sign that CIA operations targeting Turkey. He emphasized that Turkey should not be lost. He was showing this by signing or not signing.

Now he is the target again! Through China…

In the days before the election, the fronts opened as they opened, and widened as they expanded. Biden already fully supports the block against AK Party-MHP. He also expressed this clearly. The phrase “We must support the opposition to overthrow Erdogan” was enough to describe the politics inside. It was Erdogan’s path in foreign policy, which was contested at home or abroad. After all these operations experienced, Erdogan has demonstrated that Turkey can move outside the West.

It faced the West in the Mediterranean – Syria – Iraq. Even with Russia, where he bought the S-400. Turkey was no longer walking in NATO’s sovereignty. Biden also wanted the old route.

The conflict was growing on this basis … Let’s open a little more…

Let’s look at Turkey through Trump-Biden.

The New York Times made the first shot…

It brought Trump and China together. In the US elections in 2016, the Russian influence was discussed, now China. The New York Times reported that US President Donald Trump based his tax returns covering the last 20 years and wrote that Trump paid only $ 750 in tax in 2016, when he won the election.

This was a big move before the elections in a country like the USA where TAX could not be discussed.

It continued…

Before Trump moved to the WHITE HOUSE, he was paying 188,000 DOLLAR tax as a result of his business deals with China.

This was also emerging …

It was alleged that Trump, who was elected president and went to the WHITE HOUSE in 2016, bypassed TAX in 10 of the last 15 years. The newspaper was explaining this.  It was also reported that he had a BANK ACCOUNT in China. Trump’s lawyer, Alan Garten, told the New York Times that his client “has paid tens of millions of dollars in taxes  to the federal government in the last 10 years and has paid millions of dollars in taxes since announcing his presidential candidacy in 2015”.

Trump said, “I actually paid, and you’ll see as soon as my tax returns are prepared.”

Here again we came to the CHINA point before the election…

So what was the source of the Trump-CHINA relationship that will mark the election?

The answer to this question also explained who would be the PRESIDENT.

Let’s remember.

Guo Wengui, who was raised by the KOCH FAMILY in China and turned into the most important businessman in the country, took important roles in Miles Kwok Communist Party with his changed identity.

However, according to some, he was going to be arrested because he preferred Washington, and according to others, he approached Washington because he knew that he would be arrested.

It is also a fact that now Guo Wengui is an American of Chinese origin.

He lives in his magnificent apartment with a CENTRAL PARK view in New York.

And under an incredible shield.

This causes great discomfort in China.

Miles Kwok, with the changed name of Guo Wengui, said that there was a Coronavirus in China not in January 2020, but months ago, and that the World Health Organization and the Beijing Administration were hiding this situation.

While explaining very important documents, there were Kochs in the center.

Now for Trump…To the New York Times news…

The question is:

As I have written for days, is there preventing the strengthening of China’s crypto currency RMB behind Trump’s selection?

I wrote a lot about Chinese businessman Guo Wengui, who took refuge in the US and was close to Steve Bannon.

However, Guo Wengui has a very unknown feature.

In the early 2000s he headed the RMB’s conversion team.

20 years ago, he stood out in Beijing as a businessman who saw that cryptocurrencies will become a great power in the future.

According to Beijing, Guo Wengui is alive as he gave all of the RMB’s information to Washington.

But today Trump is associated with China because of his friendship with Guo Wengui.

Because a wing in Washington believes that Trump is partnering with China and Russia on some issues.

Trump himself, his daughter Ivanka, and his son Trump Jr have relationships with close to 40 companies in China.

In 2017, Trump asked for references to several businessmen after meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Xi Cinping also helped him in this regard. However, Xi Cinping also had a request.

YES YOU KNEW! He demanded that Guo Wengui be handed over to Beijing.

Although Trump said that he would use his powers in this regard, what is expected, didn’t happen.

Did not get any results.

Guo Wengui warned American officials: In 2021, nearly 48 million Chinese living abroad will use RMB.

Some states and central banks also accepted this.

THAT’S WHY TRUMP was suddenly brought side by side with CHINA.

He was given the title of president that threatens national security.

But Trump was not like the previous PRESIDENTS. He wouldn’t back down, he wouldn’t …

Last August, Steve Bannon, the name who helped Trump to win the election, was detained.

Where was the place where the cops went and got Steve Bannon? Yeah! Guo Wengui’s very luxurious yacht.

There are two schools, two forces that want to walk with CHINA!

They are in a big fight because they cannot agree on methods.

This is the fight between Trump and Biden! Of course a painful and destructive fight …

We also see this inside…

I don’t want to offend anyone, but names such as Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu-Meral Akşener-Selahattin Demirtaş-

Temel Karamollaoğlu-Ali Babacan-Ahmet Davutoğlu want to walk directly or indirectly with BIDEN SCHOOL.

Both, will take the role of the United States, as well as the determination of Turkey’s route,

they standing near Biden in Washington.

Turkey can be close or far due to current interest with everyone

However, it can show the determination not to close its doors to CHINA.

This is what bothers others.

If Turkey would have to wait for instructions from the outside or don’t deal with anything, Turkey wouldn’t have the headache.

But things get complicated when it tries to determine its own route and location.

This is what happens…

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