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Why Now?

A wind blew on the grounds of the HDP and Kobani incidents. The reckoning of a wave known as the Kobani Events or the 6-7 October events was revived after a few years. There are those who observe this part of the event.

“Why did you wait 6 years?” many ask.

If Turkey has made significant moves in, know that this is an important step in response from outside. This principle does not change easily. Turkey is so important because it covers all but a geography that never changed.

“Do the detentions have anything to do with internal politics? What is the target? What needs to be done?”

There are many questions like this. All of them right questions. However we think it would be much more correct to look at the main issue,  namely outside.

It is necessary to focus carefully on outside…

The Kobani events took place on 6-12 October 2014. Remember, Daesh entered Kobani and the Kurds stood up. The USA got involved immediately. World-famous stars were texting for Kobani.

Many names said “Our heart is in Kobani”.

YPG also wants permission to send a man from Turkey to Kobani, they were putting pressure on the West for a corridor. In the final analysis, it was also allowed. It may have been forgotten because 6 years have passed! Let’s remember the real underlying truth of KOBANI.In those days Turkey was at a crossroads.

Ankara, which could not find the necessary FRIENDSHIP from NATO and the USA, was trying to get a role in the new world order with the new alliance.

The struggle was in this direction. And this move had arrived!

Steps taken by Turkey threw Washington off the ground.

Turkey was going to cooperate with China for air defense systems!

It was not possible for the US, the boss of NATO, to accept this. They think that Turkey can not have this right. Ankara didn’t stop, The Kobani events first sat in Turkey’s and then the world’s agenda. The inside of the country was like a war place for a moment. KOBANI incidents were not happening in KOBANI !.


A WAVE OF TERROR was blowing in all the cities, there were arson and loss of life. 49 people died and 682 people were injured. The reason for the confusion in the streets was Turkey’s process of integration with China, thought to enter into an alliance. KOBANI was the excuse.

China’s justification was that to jump through Turkey to the Mediterranean and Middle East. In the final analysis, the US was involved. Things got mixed up. It was a very painful process. It has been circumvented. But it’s not over. It would not end either. We shared thousand of times. The United States will want to control the MEDITERRANEAN. In doing so they don’t want Turkey as obstacle.

Their plans and programs are on this…

For this reason, they would come from every channel they had the opportunity. Their rivals were actually the UK-CHINA But they had to beat it everywhere. They could not tolerate this, especially in the MIDDLE EAST and the MEDITERRANEAN. They were looking at it like that. They were scratching the inside from the outside because they knew Turkey was the player that would change the game.

Yesterday and today…

Then, the KOBANİ INCIDENTS suddenly became the agenda. The detention wave had begun!

Detention warrants were issued for 82 people, including former HDP deputies, in 7 provinces. This decision included names such as Alp Altınörs, Nazmi Gör, Ali Ürküt, Altan Tan, Ayla Akat Ata, Emine Ayna, Sırrı Süreyya Önder, Beyza Üstün, Gülfer Kaya, and Ayhan Bilgen.

So what was the message actually and for whom?


Let’s go back a few days…

US Special Representative for Syria James Jeffrey appeared in Hasakah and Deir ez-Zor, Syria. He met with the representatives of YPG and PKK and the Kurdish National Council. Demanding that there should be no problems among the Kurds in general, James Jeffrey promised that “Turkey will not attack you any more” .

He didn’t only promise, he also gave the AIR DEFENSE SYSTEM.

The US was meeting at the table with the Turkey’s terrorists names and was supporting the terrorists

with all their strength. And oddly enough, this TABLE was being set up when the EAST MEDITERRANEAN issue was at its peak!

It is also strange that the Russians were also very sympathetic and generous towards the YPG during the same period. The USA was bringing the KURDISH CARD, which it had never hidden, to the table.

They would be there for the MEDITERRANEAN, to interrupt the march of CHINA, to block Britain’s plan. As you can see while the USA was playing the YPG card without hesitation, PRESIDENT TRUMP would just watch. He probably didn’t even know what had happened.  Nor would it be. As we shared the other day, the USA DEEP STATE walks! Presidents either watch or approve.

There is no third way either…

So how far will the USA go now? Jeffrey is no ordinary person. If it went so far as to give the YPG-PKK AIR DEFENSE SYSTEM, what step is it on?

The name we have to look at is POMPEO! Pompeo is the MOST TRUSTED name of PENTAGON, WEAPONS INDUSTRY and KOCH FAMILY.

If the USA can go a little further, it will bring other cards to the table…

Which card? NATO-ME! Let’s open…

There is a USA that wants to take control of the Silk Road through this move that wants to take over the MEDITERRANEAN.

Their aim is to end the UK-China alliance. At least to prevent them from getting results.

Did they bring the United Arab Emirates and Israel together? They did…

Is this road far for Saudi Arabia – Egypt – Bahrain, Jordan and others? No, not at all.

All of them are included in this scope. After Germany-France’s search for PESCO, the EUROPEAN army, Trump was actually talking about the new stage when he said “NATO is DONE”.

The USA was gathering the countries that it deemed important for the MEDITERRANEAN SEA and SILK ROAD under an alliance. Almost all MUSLIM countries seemed to be on the ISRAEL-USA axis.

Pompeo was flying around for this job. The time he stayed on the ground was very little.

With 15 July it was already clear that crisis of confidence between Turkey and NATO.

The trouble was big. While Turkey was searching another alliance, another opening, another partnerships, the USA was also taking the MIDDLE EAST with it.

They were setting up a new game with the money given by ARABS. And I think they would get the YPG into this game after a while!

NATO-ME’s border was looking like it will withstand Turkey for a moment.

They had this in their heads…

If James Jeffrey says they will give an air defense system. Which they spared from Turkey but offering to YPG which means there was something that was not said.

This is NATO-ME and YPG.

I think when the USA did this right near our border Ankara also pressed the button.

Decided to pressurize HDP…

The message was going straight to the USA…

In the form of “YOU CANNOT DO WHAT YOU WANT” … It’s all about the MEDITERRANEAN!

Arm wrestling is held for the MEDITERRANEAN.

Turkey rightly says they can not stay out of this big game and puts big pressure on the big players.

They also come with YPG and Greece with Dollars.

That’s the point…

Also put UIGUR TURKS into this equation.

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