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Why Turkey In Syria?

Why Turkey is in Syria?

Keep the vision wider… 

Keep that in mind when you are following the operations beyond border.

Like a maths formule.


Theodor Herzl, master mind of zionism, said in the first World Zionist Congress which was done in Switzerland, Basel in 1897:

”Our north borders reach to the mountains in Capadoccia, in south, it reaches to the Suez Canal.”

Capadoccia is in Nevsehir.

Suez Canal is the border of Egypt.

Those borders are on 3 countries’ lands.

Now caution!

Zionist lobby’s accelerated program started 7 years ago.

These 3 countries has to be destroyed for the foundation of Great Israel:

Iraq, Syria, Turkey.

These will be destroyed by a civil war or an invasion!

Iraq and Syria are done.

Turkey is next.

They have two plans in their minds: They will start a civil war in  Turkey, and USA&NATO will interfere. This is the first one.

Or they’ll find an excuse and invade Turkey. This is the second one.

After these two incidents, they’ll divide Turkey into at least two  pieces and make it ready for Israel’s domination, like when Iraq and  Syria were done the same.

According to Je-wish lobbys’ reports, it’s easier to descend on small states like Kurdistan.

They’ll make small states after dividing Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

Turkey has resisted for 7 years. And it also blocked little Kurdistan states which were going to be founded on Syria and Iraq.

Then Israel lobbies sent lots of arms to PKK-PYD. 

Don’t forget, everything is for ”Great Israel.”

Note: We are fighting Israel, not PKK-PYD.

See the big picture.

Beyond the border…

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