Fri 19 Rabi Al Thani 1442AH 4-12-2020AD

Why Turks Respect to Paper

While I was staying in a lodge, which Turks call poor-house, piece of papers that were stuck in cracks on the walls attracted my attention.

I took one of them out as I was wondering what they were about. I asked my Turk friends what was written on it and they told me that it was nothing to protect and look after. I was about to die from curiosity but the Turks avoided answering me when I asked them about them.

They were either feeling shy as they thought I wouldn’t believe it or they didn’t want to expose a secret to someone who belongs to another religion. As I got closer with my Turk friends, they told me that they respect papers as Allah’s name can be written on it.

They don’t want pieces of paper to be sweeped off onto the floor and they pick them up the moment they see them on the ground and they stick it in somewhere. I hope you don’t mind me telling these, but listen to the other part of the story.

On doomsday, when Muhammed, the people in hell who are suffering because of their sins to heaven, they would only beable to go there by walking on a giant brand bare-feet. (You can imagine how painful it is, think of a chicken hopping on a fire).

But this is the good part: pieces of paper which they saved from being underfoot will appear and will hold onto their soles and they will pass through the brand without getting injured. This is also why saving papers is important.

(Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq, from his letters which he sent his Hungarian friend during his Istanbul trip)

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